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React.js YouTube MP3 Player

This is a full-featured mp3 player which includes queue and queue manager, playlists and playlist manager and also great youtube content. Search whatever you want on youtube and add to queue or play directly. Save your queue as a playlist. Check playlist content, delete playlist or load playlist to queue. Settings will be saved to localStorage such as; playlists, queue, searh term, search results.


Files extensions used.

  • .js (all code-base)
  • .mp4 (visualizer)
  • .jpg, .png (design)
  • .css (design)

What you can do?

  • Easily edit components (if you know react.js and javascript)
  • Ready to use and distribute
  • Database not included. Using local storage just like mp3 player desktop softwares.
  • You can easily integrate with firebase realtime db to make it a social app
  • Import and export playlist and share with other. (Just import playlists which exported from app)
  • App creates default queue and playlist for the first time. Edit it to make everyone love it.

Docs: http://rytmp-docs.surge.sh

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